Monday, 25 April 2011

Beyond the Forest

Beyond the Forest is my first book and I have been incredibly lucky to have had the support of Rob Jones, a talented illustrator who has brought my characters to life. Thank you Rob!
The story line is that Grum has been thrown out of his home and has to prove himself a brave and worthy groblin, so he goes to town to find a human and bring it home. He has many adventures along the way!
The following piece will give you a flavour of the book - I hope you like it!
"Burly was overwhelmed immediately he entered the pet shop. Birds squawked, mice and hamsters scrabbled, puppies yipped and the smell... He looked around in panic, his first instinct to run, his breath became short and ragged. These animals were captured and stuffed in cages - what did humans do with them? Kill them? He was about to rear up when he saw Max reach down and pick up a tiny black and white kitten. Max’s face softened and he was gentle as he held it, making mewing sounds to it.
“What do you think?” asked Max holding up the furry creature to show him. The kitten mewed and tried to climb onto Burly's arm. “Hey he likes you!”
Burly relaxed and smiled. Then he looked over Max's shoulder. A kitten's tail was hanging out of Grum's mouth. With a quick slurp Grum sucked the tail in. “Grum!”
Burly smacked Grum hard between the shoulder blades and a kitten shot out and landed on the floor. Max stared open mouthed at Grum, his eyes like saucers.
“What?” said Grum. “I'm hungry!”
The three of them stared at the slightly damp kitten who was making his way back in a rather wobbly fashion to his friends. Max gently put his kitten down next to him. “I think we'd better go,” he suggested.
“Good idea,” said Burly tightly.
“What?” Grum was cross. “We have them all the time at home - delicious and nutritious my mum says.”
“Are you sure you're in the parade?” asked Max suspiciously.
“Positive,” said Burly. “Now come on Grum and don't do that again.”
Mumbling and complaining about harassment Grum left the shop closely followed by Burly and Max.


  1. Thank you for letting me read the advance copy of this, Kate. I think it's a brilliant story that kids are going to love. Even now, I'm looking out at the garden and wishing Burly Bear was sitting on my lawn waiting to play!

    Stu x

  2. Hi Kate

    I really love your book and can't wait to buy it from Smashwords. Just makes me wish my kids were little again as I would have loved to have read this to them. Bit too soon for grandchildren! but I will save and treasure it for 'one day'!