Monday, 30 May 2011

Writing, laughing, bears and self-publishing...

I'm feeling all skippy - my writing is going well and I got so caught up in it last night and this morning that I found myself chuckling to myself as I was typing away.  Yes, I'm writing the second book in the Burly and Grum series and I only hope that those who read it find it funny as well!  If they don't I'll never laugh and type at the same time again...

But I digress!  I promised a few tips in this blog for those of you who may be interested in publishing your own work.  The first thing I have to say is, be confident and give self-publishing a go, you have nothing to lose. Go to a site like Smashwords that will give you lots of advice on how to adapt your book so it can be read by hand held devices.  It's called DMF - digital media formatting - don't be put off by the jargon, it's only a matter of tweaking a word document!  Once you've formatted it, you can submit it and it will be transformed into a document that can be read on a computer, a Kindle, an iPhone, iPad, etc. Once you've done that you'll find it easy to upload your book onto Amazon. 
The next step is quite a personal one - you'll now have to network, i.e. join groups, set up a facebook site, a blog, take part in debates, review the work of other authors and have yours reviewed.  You have to do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with, but the more you put in the more you'll get back.  One thing I did was to link up with the charity Born Free because one of the main characters in my book was a bear. See that picture up there?  That's the beautiful Ginny who was rescued by Born Free and I strongly felt that if my book did by any chance take off, then I wanted them to be part of it so they could reap the rewards as well. But everyone is different, just go with your instinct and if in doubt, ask - people are very helpful, very receptive.
Self publishing is time consuming, it can be hard work, but it is worthwhile so bite the bullet, be brave and venture out! And if you need any more advice, some good links, let me know and I'll gladly try and help. Good luck!

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