Sunday, 12 June 2011

A cunning plan!

Last week I wrote about thinking, planning and background research but 
this week my blog is going to be about taking action! I was galvanised by the members of the Writebulb group at our meeting yesterday who all seemed genuinely interested in the process of self-publishing and what I'm up to, so here I am - all spurred on and raring to go!
Here's my cunning plan:
First part: I'm going to finish book 2 of the Burly and Grum Tales by the end of this month. I'm still laughing and typing by the way so if nothing else I'm having a good time!  Once it's completed I'm going to download it onto Smashwords. Just before I do that, however, I am going to make Beyond the Forest (book 1) free to readers. 
Second part: I'm going to spend more quality time on forums (yes, even though I've confessed I'm not that great at forums!), for example, Kindle/Amazon and try to find the right platform for myself.
Third part: Continue to work with the wonderful Joanne at Born Free, try to get more feed back from parents about their view on ebooks and generally keep plugging away in the background. 
Fourth and most important part!: Keep a level head. Being successful is important to me but at the same time I have to think smart and not get too drawn into the emotion of it all. Why is success important?  Because I would love the opportunity to do something I love every day of my life and have it mean something (but still keep my day job because I do enjoy that as well), and also because I owe Rob Jones, the artist, big time! I would love him to get the recognition he deserves as an artist and also frankly, I'd love to be able to pay him!! So here's to the future and finding the right road to success!

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