Sunday, 5 June 2011

When Life Makes You Stop and Pause for Thought

This week I've been doing a lot of thinking. My journey on the road to being published is an interesting one and I'm gathering as much information as I can along the way. I didn't think I'd rise instantly to success, I knew it would mean hard work and that I would have low times. I now need to look objectively at where I am and take stock. The facts are:
1)  The children's e-book market is a tough one to crack. Most children don't own kindles or iPads, it has to be the parent who makes the decision. So question 1: how do I find mothers who are interested in the concept of e-books for children? I've got an ad on Netmums and EssexMum asking them their opinion on e-books but have not had much interest even though the book is free.  
2)  I'm discovering that although I enjoy networking, I'm useless at forums - in order to contribute in a way that adds value means you have to spend time doing it properly, read other authors' works, review books, etc. and that is time consuming. I work full time, commute, write, take care of a house and son and father, spend my evenings on the web, help run Writebulb - I can't find the time I need.  So my second question is: is there a way around this (apart from going back 20 years when I would have had the stamina to sustain that kind of commitment!)
3) The third fact I have to face is that people are not as excited as I am about how wonderful self-publishing is!  I want to tell the whole world!  I've written to local newspapers and radio sites, I've refreshed LinkedIn, learnt to tweet, I'm working with Born Free etc. etc.  I'm still missing something that is the key to grabbing their attention - what is it? 
Puzzle - life is a puzzle - I just have to get the right pieces in the right places and if anyone can offer advice as to which bit goes where then do please let me know!

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  1. Hi Kate,

    I think it's great that you're taking some time to stop and think about the distribution channels you use and which communities to get involved with to help promote your work.

    You may well wish to pursue Print On Demand via Createspace or Lulu for a children's book. It shouldn't mean any extra work on your part other than creating a back cover but there are tools to do that, too.

    Stu :)