Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Big Cat Nap

Well, this past week has been very hectic - a member of my family came down with a virus that had him in A&E, I took an afternoon off work to take another member of my family to hospital and then my car broke down on a busy road and I had to be towed home. Oh, and I can't forget that a large event I've been working on for weeks on took place. I've been cool, I've been calm but trust me I was core tired on Friday night (I think I may have snored and even drooled a little on the train journey home....)
     With brilliant timing, right on queue, comes a fundraising event called the Big Cat Nap   In order to take part all you have to do is relax - yes, relax! Ever heard anything so wonderful? Whoever came up with that at Born Free will get a Christmas card from me. The idea is you take time out of your busy schedule for yourself - have a cup of tea, watch a film, sit and read a book - whatever it takes to put a relaxed smile on your face. At this point I have to put my hand up and say I've known about this for a few weeks now and have been running around waving my sponsorship form in front of my friends' faces, but they've been less than impressed at the thought of giving me money for doing nothing! Yes, I'm going to have to change my friends (only joking, love you really). However, as you can see from the above photo, my cats are very supportive - Bud threaded himself through the vacuum hose because he knew I wouldn't have the heart to disturb him. What a trooper!
      I've come up with a compromise - one of the things that makes me happy and relaxed is writing, so this coming week I'm going to set myself two targets - I'm going to edit book 2 in the Burly & Grum series and start book 3. Wish me luck! Oh, and please also wish me a quiet, relaxing week because, frankly, I need one!

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