Sunday, 31 July 2011

Marketing Bears and Groblins

It's the end of another busy week and I've had a lot to think about. With the release of the second book in the Burly and Grum series I decided to experiment and offered both books free on Smashwords.  The result has been that more copies have been downloaded in one week than have been downloaded in the previous three months.  Although this is good because the books are being read by a wider audience I keep coming back to the same problem, i.e. how do I effectively market them? The children's ebook market is notoriously difficult to break into with the majority of parents still prefering to have hard copy of books to read to their children (and I have to say I do empathise with this!). So how do I find those parents who are willing to take the next step and encourage their children to use a Kindle, an ipad, read?  There's lots of advice regarding the marketing of ebooks but the children's market does have particular problems. I do have a few ideas of my own about marketing which I'm going try over the next few weeks. The phrase that keeps going through my mind is that problems only delay you. I will keep trying to find the right strategies - might take some time but that's not a problem. 
    Meanwhile, the Burly and Grum trailer is now up on YouTube and thank you so much Stu for helping me with this (I really couldn't have done without you!). I should say, however, that I'm not a 100% sure about the music so if anyone has any ideas about something more suitable and bear-like do let me know!

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  1. I have three suggestions:
    1. Print on Demand
    2. Print on Demand
    3. Print on Demand

    Making the trailer for you was a lot of fun, believe me :)