Saturday, 20 August 2011

Burly & Grum and the Secret City - ranked 152 on!

Last week I wrote about the quickly changing dynamics of the publishing industry and the impact ebooks are having on it. This week I've felt the full force of the power of social media networking.
   On Tuesday, I popped into my kindle publishing account to see how my books were doing. I don't go very often because, to be honest, I don't sell very many - the Smashwords site is where I usually have a greater number of books downloaded. To my amazement the figures on showed that over 2,300 copies of Burly & Grum and the Secret City had been dowloaded. I ran around in little circles and then lay down on the floor before writing to Amazon to check whether or not there had been a mistake!
   Burly & Grum and the Secret City is now ranked 152 on (it was 93 earlier this week) and as of this morning over 4,300 people have downloaded it! This all happened because one site PixelofInk picked up my book via Penelope Fletcher. Thank you Penelope and PixelofInk!
   However, heaven forbid I should get big headed and just to keep myself grounded, Beyond the Forest has sold 7 and is ranked 46,227 on Amazon!!
   Just to keep myself even more grounded, I hadn't realised that even though I'd listed the Secret City to sell at .99c, Amazon matched the price with Smashwords and Barnes & Nobel where my books are free so I've made no money. But then if it had been priced at .99c, the chances are that no one would have downloaded it. So I'm very happy - people are reading my work and I can't ask for any more than that.
   On Thursday I was interviewed by Steve Scruton on BBC Essex. I spoke about indie authors and the writing group Ithat I'm part of here in Chelmsford. Although I've previously worked on radio, I was on the production side so I was very nervous about being live on air and spent the morning pacing and talking to myself! I didn't have to be nervous though, Steve put me at my ease and the time sped by - it was all quite painless although I have to admit I haven't  been brave enough to listen to it yet! 
   Yes, it's been an exciting and wonderful week and I'm looking forward to what the next week has to offer.

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