Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Burly & Grum Logo!

Since I last wrote, I think I may have spent almost every lunchtime in Waterstones looking at the design and format of the covers of children's books so I can get ideas on how to improve my own two books.
    Having the proof copies has really made me focus and I want my books to be as professional and as appealing as possible. One thing I noticed almost immediately was the fact I had nothing on the spine of my books so I asked Rob if he could design a logo for Burly & Grum to help improve its identity - I'd like people to look along bookshelves and immediately spot the Burly & Grum books (yes, I know I've got a long way to go before I'm on any bookshelf, but I can dream!).
   I really love the design - how anyone can give a letter of the alphabet character is beyond me but he's managed it beautifully. B looks like Burly and G looks like Grum! Pretty cool eh? Thank you Rob!
  So I'm now working once more on the covers, tidying them up, improving them (I hope...) and I've also corrected all the mistakes on the text (I say again - I hope...) and am almost ready to press the button and send off for the second proof copy.  If I can find a way to copy the covers from Publication I'll pop them up on the blog so you can see what they look like.
  I've also been working away on book three but a couple of days ago I realised I'd gone astray a bit and that I'd have to rework a large chunk. I'm looking forward to the week after next because I have some time off work and can sit and solidly concentrate on writing - it's very difficult to keep a sense of continuity in the plot when some days I can only write for half an hour or so. I'm looking forward to getting my head down and writing - I'll let you know how it all goes!

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