Monday, 21 November 2011

Happy Days and Biscuit Tins!

Yay - oh happy days! I've finally finished the first draft of the third Burly and Grum book. A round of applause, please!
   Yes, the auspicious moment happened at just past one this morning; I'd got so caught up in writing that I hadn't realised the time; everyone in the house including the cats had given up and gone to bed by the time I typed that last full stop. As I saved the document and then pottered about making a cup of tea, I felt a great sense of achievement, and when I finally got to bed I slept like a log.
   Waking up this morning wasn't easy and yes, I did nap on the train journey into London. I had a busy day at work and didn't have time to feel tired, and now I'm home and flagging a bit - I need a biscuit, that's what I need - bit of sugar to keep me going!  Maybe I'll start the editing tomorrow....
   And that's what I'd like to talk about today - editing. As much as I love writing I find I put off editing. I'm using the blog as an excuse today, tomorrow it'll be something else - I've even been known to do the ironing rather than start the editing process. And why do I hate it so much? Because I know that once I start there'll be no stopping me, I'll tweak text, tweak it some more, and will probably spend more time 'improving' it than I did writing it! Does anyone else do that and, if so, is there a cure? I just lose all perspective once I start! Editing is a never ending process and I sometimes wonder just what I would have done if I'd have been a writer before the invention of the computer. Would I have been less fussy or would the process just have taken even longer?
   I'll start the editing tomorrow. Promise.
   Just one last thing before I go and raid the biscuit tin - I have an  author interview on and I'd like to thank Gem for inviting me on her blog post. She's a lovely lady who I met on the daily commute into London, which just goes to show that there's a bright side even to commuting!
  Right - to the biscuit tin!

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  1. I will be checking to see how the editing is going :). It was great doing the author interview with you, thank you for allowing me to do it x x x x