Sunday, 6 November 2011

Those Simple Bear Necessities

Last weekend I was very happy - I had a whole week's leave to look forward to and although I'd made a list of Burly and Grum things to do, I knew I could do it all at my own pace and take my time. Usually I work all day, come back home and then start all over again on Burly and Grum (there's always something to do!), so it was a great treat just knowing I could kick back and do things at a speed slightly less than sound.
   I think I may have kicked back too much! I'm going back to work tomorrow, and according to my my list I still haven't done half of the things I wrote down.  
   I'd planned to finish the third book in the Burly & Grum series but I'm only just over half the way through. I intended to sort out a marketing plan and that hasn't even been started (although some thinking has been taking place in the background...). I was going to upgrade the black and white drawings to a higher quality resolution so I could then send off for the second proof but that never happened (I do have an excuse there because the person who is scanning the images hasn't done them as yet).  Ho hum. So why am I not feeling guilty? I'm not really sure but I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm feeling so relaxed I'm almost horizontal!  The 'bear' necessities of life were all I needed this week - plenty of sleep, lots to eat, good company - it's been fun. I'll leave guilt until tomorrow when I'm back at work...
   PS: I should say that what I have written of the third book I've really loved and there was a lot of laughing going on as I was typing. Burly and Grum go to the beach and, of course, they get into trouble again - there's a pirate, a crab with attitude, stolen gold, a detective and Burly has a cool set of shades. Oh yeah, it's good!

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