Sunday, 13 November 2011

Waking up and getting going!

I feel that after a quiet period, things are really getting going again.
    You may remember that about ten weeks ago I went through the process of trying to obtain an ITIN number (to do with American tax...); I'd been told it was very difficult to obtain because of the all the red tape, but the man at the American Embassy was very helpful and off the form was sent.  Well, it may have taken a few weeks, but I finally have my ITIN number. Now I just need to sell some books! The Secret City on is still free and last month over 3,000 were downloaded which I'm happy about; I'm very grateful that people are reading the books and giving me positive feedback, but there's a small part of me that says ooh, how wonderful would it be if I were to get some money as well! One day maybe!
    Also this week, I received the improved scanned images and I'm so pleased that I decided to wait for them before sending off for the proof copy of the print version of both books. I've replaced all the old images with the 300dpi ones and although the older images were good, the new ones are so much crisper and sharper. Both books are looking good, and I can't wait to see them in print. I'm also going to work my way through the website and facebook page to replace the images because I want Burly and Grum to be the very best they can be!
    I have been asked to give an author interview by Gem, who is a fellow commuter and writes the blog I think it's pretty amazing and wonderful that people are interested in what I'm doing and are trying to help me. Thank you Gem - I'm working on my replies to your questions!
    I'm not taking part in NaNoWriMo but the majority of my writing buddies in the Essex area are, and to them I say well done, keep up the word count - you will reach 50,000 words!
    Book three is really coming together now. It's interesting that as the books go on I can feel their characters developing and it's getting easier to know their reaction to situations. I'm really enjoying writing so things are looking good. This week will be busy and my energy levels are high - I'll be updating, writing, networking - I'll let you know how everything is going!

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