Sunday, 4 December 2011

Downloads, Front Covers and Proofs!

This has been such an interesting week!
   On 30th November I checked the number of downloads from and discovered that 6,666 copies of The Secret City had been downloaded during the month. I did a little swivel of happiness on my office chair and then started hoping that those people who have downloaded it actually like it!
   The proof copies of Beyond the Forest and The Secret City arrived the next day and I've been going through them with a fine toothcomb. It's so helpful having a printed copy to hand because not only can I visually see what needs tweaking format-wise to make the book look better but I've picked up a couple of typos I'd missed. (Tsk - how could I have missed them?)
   And on an even more positive note, I've met up with the most wonderful graphic designer, Richard Farr, who is going to help me improve the covers of the books. I felt that the backs of the books were just not up to scratch and with only Mircrosoft Publisher to work with, I was becoming frustrated because I couldn't do what I wanted and make them look the way I had in my mind's eye.
   But Richard has the tools, the technology, the training - way to go Richard!  We met last weekend and went through what needed to be done and he's already sent a draft of the Secret City cover with some of his ideas. It looks much more professional, more appealing and I'm very pleased indeed - I knew I was falling way short but it wasn't until I saw his draft version that I realised just how amateur mine was! 
  So all in all, things are good. This week I'll be editing and tweaking the third book and, fingers crossed, it will be out in a few weeks. I have to say that I'm looking forward to the New Year and whatever it brings!

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  1. It all sounds very exciting. I'm glad your meeting with Richard went well. And 6,666 downloads, that is amazing, well done Kate, really pleased for you x x x x