Monday, 19 December 2011

Happy Christmas from Burly and Grum!

Christmas is coming! Yes, my first Burly and Grum Christmas - I'm very excited and hope there will be many more to come! As you can see from the picture, they've been getting into the festive spirit and have been practising their cracker pulling technique (Burly nearly always manages to get the end with the little gift!). 
    This last week I somehow picked up a rotten head cold and have been feeling very sorry for myself but, through streaming eyes, managed to tweak the Burly and Grum website so it looks quite festive now. Web design isn't my strongest point and I have to admit that I was very relieved to get a snowflake effect without too many problems! I also printed out some Burly and Grum Christmas cards and have given them away but next year I'd like to be a little better prepared and have Christmas cards and calendar ready to sell.
   Meanwhile, I've finished the third book, Burly & Grum and The Birthday Surprise and hope to have it out in the New Year (I'll keep you posted). There are more colourful characters in this book, a bit of adventure and a few surprises. I've been so pleased that those who have proof read it have fed back that they think it's the best so far. I know I enjoyed writing it - I'm definitely getting to know Burly and Grum a little better with each book and am feeling more and more comfortable writing about their adventures. Over the Christmas break I have to give some serious thought to marketing because although the downloads are still very healthy (over 5,500 so far this month) and I'm very happy that people are reading them, it would be nice to actually earn some money!
    So although I'll still be working hard over the Christmas break I will find time to kick back and celebrate Burly and Grum style (eating a lot and getting into trouble!). From myself, Burly and Grum - we hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends! 

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  1. The website is looking great, I love the snowflakes although I don't think I could say the same for Grum's Christmas list, I'd much rather receive what is on Burly's list :D

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas x x x x