Saturday, 28 January 2012

Life's a beach!

What a day this has been! I seem to have been on the computer non- stop and my right arm is twitching, I think it's trying to break away from using the mouse! But I'm being ruthless and will make it keep working on for a bit longer - tomorrow it can rest! The reason why I've been on the computer so much is because yes, today I've just self-published the third in the Burly & Grum tales, 'Burly & Grum and The Birthday Surprise'. It's now on Amazon and is only 77p/99c - a bargain! I have to say that I really enjoyed writing the story, there are lots of new quirky characters and I laughed a lot as I was typing (always a good sign!). I hope you enjoy it!
    What else has been happening? Well, Burly & Grum and The Secret City has been reviewed by Rukky, a 4th grader, for Kids Kindle and I was so pleased to discover he liked it! More children should have the opportunity to review the books that are on the market - they always know what they like, that's for sure!
    Earlier this week sent off (for the final time I hope), for a proof print copy of the first two books from Createspace. I've gone through them time and time again with a fine tooth comb and I'm pretty confident that any glitches have been dealt with. Boy, that kind of comment is just asking for pay back isn't it?! As soon as they arrive I'll be going through them and then, if everything is okay, I'll be putting them up on Amazon.  Print copies of my books - it's hard to believe that last year I didn't even know what an indie writer was!
    And last but not least, over 1,000 copies a day of The Secret City are being downloaded at the moment. Eep, I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and it will all be a dream!

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