Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Burly & Grum Recording - A Good Idea?

I had a lot of fun last week creating the new trailer but, of course, I'm always trying to think of new ideas to spread the word about the Burly and Grum books. I had coffee with a friend yesterday and he said that although he loved the new trailer because it had just the  right type of bottom-wriggling music that children loved, he thought that I should be highlighting the writing as well as the art work. What about recording an extract from the book he suggested brightly and, funnily enough, I thought that was a pretty good idea.
     As I walked home I ran it through my mind; at first the idea seemed straightforward, even pretty easy, but the more I thought about it, the more   complicated it became. If I read out extracts then should they be purely audio or audio/visual? If they're visual then will the expectation be that the artwork should be animated? What about creating an app? The conclusion I came too was that it wasn't really up to me - I have to find out what children want so I'm going to ask a few I know to see what they think and then I'll work out what to do. Luckily I have a few test subjects with very strong opinions so I'm going to ask them.
     As you can tell from the above picture, Burly and Grum also have strong opinions about who should be reading extracts but I figure that if I can publish to Kindle, battle for an ITIN number, write a blog and run a website then I can sort out a short recording in whatever format children want by whoever wants to do the recording!  She says...
   Watch this space!
   And by the way, if anyone - childen, adults, anyone! - wants to put forward their thoughts about what they think would be best way to go then please do let me know! :)

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