Sunday, 20 May 2012

Competition Time!

A brief blog today just to let you know that the Burly & Grum Drawing Competition is underway! Flyers have been given to Steve at Stephen Alexander Hairdressing and quite a few have already been picked up by local children and their parents - I'm looking forward to seeing the entries! If you can't see the 'rules' then there's a clearer picture on the Burly & Grum website. If any child aged 6-9 would like to enter then I would be delighted to see their drawing of Burly and Grum! Good luck to everyone taking part! 
One of the reasons this is such a brief blog this week is because I've been sitting working on the computer almost the entire all day and I'm practically cross-eyed. I've re-written the first book, 'Beyond the Forest', making it shorter and snappier and more in line with books 2 and 3, and I've just transferred it to my Kindle - I'll edit it on the way into work tomorrow. The new version should be out next weekend.

My third book, Burly & Grum and the Birthday Surprise is now in print and, whilst I was uploading it onto Createspace (who print and distribute high quality print-on-demand books for indie authors), I was delighted to learn that three days ago Createspace Europe was launched - no more will print books have to be shipped from the States and hopefully no more will prices vary depending on the exchange rate. It'll be cheaper and faster for books to be ordered and delivered via Amazon and it's a positive step in the right direction.   All exciting stuff!

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