Sunday, 24 June 2012

Competition winner!

     Sarah Russell aged 8 won the drawing competition that I ran with Stephen Alexander Hairdressing. She drew pictures of Burly and Grum then cut them out carefully, glued them on some plain white paper and decorated them. I love Grum's red top with shiny buttons and Burly is holding a very tasty looking cookie dough ice-cream. They both look very happy! The picture is beautiful, thank you Sarah and I hope you like your prizes, a set of 74 Crayola, a free haircut from Stephen Alexander and a signed copy of The Secret City.
     There are still two drawing/colouring competitions running - see the Burly & Grum website for more information!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Street Parties, Competitions and Big Cat Naps!

What an interesting week I've had! Here in the UK we've been celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and we've all had a wonderful time.I took part in a street party which was great fun - we spent most of the morning decorating the street - a lot of bunting was used (you can never have enough bunting!) and then the party started in earnest with lots of games for the kids and lots of food! The rain set in about 5pm but we still partied on and finished with doing the conga down the street. I don't think I've used a photo before on my blog but I think that this is a special occasion because not only were we celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee but we were also celebrating Mrs Camp's 100th birthday. Yes, 100! Happy Birthday Mrs Camp!    
I'd also like to put in a picture coloured in by Ben of Burly and Grum enjoying the Jubilee. I'm not sure how old Ben is but he was very proud that he'd  managed to keep within the lines!
Now the celebrations are over, Burly and Grum are back to being busy again.
There are two drawing competitions going on - one with WildcreW, which is Born Free's kids club and the other is more local, with Stephen Alexander Hairdressing in Chelmsford. The prizes are wonderful so if you know any children who enjoy drawing, tell them to have a go - you can find out more details on the Burly & Grum website.

Burly and Grum are also involved in the Born Free Foundation's Big Cat Nap - I love this fund raising event because it's all about relaxing and having fun. Children can take part as well and one of the many things they can do is to colour in the picture below of Burly and Grum napping with some lions (which is to be found on via the link above) and send it back to Born Free - a selection of entries will be shown on their gallery and the winner announced on 12 July 2012. Go on - stop 'lion' around and have some fun!!