Sunday, 15 July 2012

Letting the Kate out of the bag...

So much has happened since my last blog that I hardly know where to begin! I do have some very exciting news to tell you but I'm afraid I have to keep it secret for a few more days. Sigh. As you can tell from the picture, Burly and Grum have been pretty strict with me about keeping quiet (yes, that is me in the bag...) but we are all primed and ready to tell you everything when we get the go-ahead, so watch this space!
    I had a meeting today with Pat Scullion, who I mentioned in my last blog. He's got some great ideas for the website that he'll be working on over the next few months. He will also be creating Burly & Grum  audiobooks - here's a little sample for you to listen to and I think you'll be impressed! Pat has a remarkable narrative voice that is perfectly suited for the Burly and Grum books and he's managed to capture the individual characters wonderfully. Every day I think how lucky I am to have met such incredibly talented people along my self-publishing path. Thanks guys!
   I've been doing a few little jigs about the house because I did a bit of adding up on Friday and over 145,000 people have downloaded the Burly & Grum books. 145,000 - that's a lot of people!! Actually, I try not to think about it too much because it make me panic a bit, or maybe it's the jigging around that makes me breathless...
   What else? Last week The Born Free Foundation ran their fund raising event, The Big Cat Nap and, of course, Burly & Grum took part. Children were asked to colour in a picture of them sleeping with some lions and the winner was Hannah - I'm sure you'll agree that her attention to detail is fantastic. Thank you to Born Free for running the competition and also to Hannah for colouring in so beautifully.

   Yes, it's been a busy couple of weeks but I've loved every minute and I promise Burly, Grum and I will tell you the Big Secret as soon as possible!


  1. The suspence Kate, it sounds pretty amazing though, I can't wait to hear your fab news x x x x

    1. Hi Gem - it'll be very soon... Meanwhile, I've included the audio clip in the blog as a little taster - I do hope you like it! :)