Sunday, 30 September 2012

A new novel and a new short story!

The last couple of weeks have sped by. It's been busy at work and I've also been busy at home where I've been tidying up 'Unlucky Dip', my new novel for young adults, in preparation for publication on 1 October. It's been some time now since I've been involved in preparing a book and I'd forgotten just how interesting a process it is. I can be pretty picky so reading through and trying to spot errors is right up my street (although I always have a feeling of dread when I finally make the decision that I've finished the editing because I know that somewhere, lurking in the body of the text will be an error of some!) This is the last time I'll be involved to this extent because, of course, my new publisher GMTA will be doing all the editing, etc. from now on - I just wanted to do it one last time. (By the way, GMTA, are looking for submissions from authors so if you have a script lying anywhere send it in!).

I'm incredibly grateful to Liz Eisen, the young artist who created the front cover. I told her I wanted something different, she read the book and came up with an incredible cover for me. I'm confident that she will get a lot of positive feedback and who knows, she could start a new trend of book covers! 

But this is the Burly & Grum blog so I'd better tell you what else I've been up to! I've now finished a short story for Halloween which Rob is illustrating. I have to say I loved writing it - I've really missed Burly & Grum! My idea is to run a competition a couple of weeks prior to Halloween for children who will have to guess what Grum will be dressing up as when he goes trick or treating. A week before the big day I'll start giving the short story away free. Why free? Cos I'm nice like that! Meanwhile, over in America, marketing has started and the books are being read by school children and reviewed. When I first started writing Burly & Grum a friend said it was like reading a combination of 'Shrek' meets 'Wind in the Willows' - a slightly surreal mixture of American and British cultures but one hopefully that will work! Fingers crossed everyone.


  1. Wow Kate, things are really looking great for you at the moment. Things seem to mbe moving fast which is great news, I'm so happy for you :) x x x x

    1. Hi Gem, yes things do seem to be moving quickly, don't know whether I'm coming or going lol!