Sunday, 14 October 2012

Countdown to 20th October!

Six days to go! Yes, only six days until I release the Burly & Grum halloween short story! I'm so excited because just this morning I received the final audio version of the story and it is fabulous! Pat is so brilliant and has brought the story and characters to life (it helps because he's a big kid himself!). Both audio and electronic versions will be given away FREE because I'd love as many people as possible to have a great time and enjoy Burly and Grum's adventures. Yes, I'm excited - can you tell?! 
  The Halloween competition is still open by the way - just go to the Burly & Grum website and you'll see how to enter on the main page. I've had a fantastic response and although I know readers from all over the world like Burly and Grum, it's been humbling to receive entries from Germany, South Africa, Russia, America, France and Australia! I've loved reading every single entry and also to get such nice comments about the books - shucks - you're all such wonderful people out there, thank you!
   Last week Beyond the Forest was available to download free and this week it's the turn of The Secret City - yes it's free today and also 13th and 14th October - go and download it while you can! Burly and Grum come across some hunters in the Great Forest and it's all very exciting - you'll love it!


  1. This is brilliant Kate, I love how people have been contacting you from all over the globe, how exciting x x x x

    1. Hi Gem - yes, it's surprising and exciting! People are brilliant and I'm really enjoying reading their entries :)