Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tiny Tigers!

If you have children who are bored and you're near St Pancras Station London next weekend then stop by because Tiny Tigers will be taking place and that means there will be lots of activities for children throughout each day - tiger puppet making, biscuit decoration, dance, reading jungle, fancy dress - it's non-stop fun! 
      Any money raised will go to the Born Free Foundation and the Environmental Investigation Agency and they will try to ensure that tigers are protected for future generations. Who wants a world without tigers? I don't. I want a world where some kind of compromise can be reached between man and tiger and tiger numbers will once again increase.
      At the moment Burly & Grum and The Tiger's Tale is for sale at Foyles St Pancras and any money raised will go to the Save Wild Tigers fund. Look - there it is at the top of the display! Only 200 of these were printed, so get yourself a copy while you can!

Burly & Grum and The Tiger's Tale is also available as an ebook and is only .99p/$1.49 and, once again, any profits will go to Save Wild Tigers fund. Go on, download one - you and your children will love it! :)

Pat Scullion and I will be at St Pancras Station on Saturday, 16 March and Pat will be reading The Tiger's Tale at 3.30pm at Foyles - please come and join us, it'll be a lot of fun! 

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