Sunday, 21 April 2013

Writing is cool!

It's been a very interesting and fulfiling  week - so fulfiling I still haven't managed to find the time yet to do the ironing... but who needs crisply ironed clothes anyway? I've had a brilliant week talking to people who love writing, working with children who want to become writers and I've also done a lot of writing -  it just can't get much better than that really! 
     Saturday morning was especially busy as I wanted to be at the Just Imagine Storytelling Centre in Chelmsford soon after 10am to set up for the writing session. Soon all the aspiring authors aged between 6-7 years old arrived and I have to say we had a brilliant time! 
     I'd photocopied and cut out lots of pictures from the Burly and Grum books. The children looked through them, chose ones they liked, then put them in an order that would tell a story. Once they had their pictures in the right place they glued them into their 'story books' and started to write.

They ended up with a comic-like book. Although the time went by incredibly quickly, there was enough time for me to read them a little bit from 'The Birthday Surprise' and some of them were brave enough to read out the stories they'd written.
I have to say that I was incredibly impressed - the stories were imaginative and very well written, simply brilliant. I had a fantastic time! One of the girls told me she wanted to be a writer when she grew up because writing was so cool - well, you can't argue with that really can you?
   On Tuesday I went to the London Book Fair for the day - I knew it would be busy but even so I did feel a bit overwhelmed when I first walked in, for one thing the noise level from people talking was through the roof. The very first stall I stopped to look at was the Writers' Advice Centre - I have a feeling the polite lady I spoke to there may have thought I was a little simple because I could barely put two words together! As I walked around and became more accustomed to the exhibition centre it became easier to absorb what was actually going on and to talk to people. I popped along to a couple of interesting seminars - one on social networking and the other on 21st Century Publishing but there was so much I missed that I would liked to have gone along to. What I hope is that those who led other seminars will put their presentations on the net somewhere so I can find it and read up on what I've missed.
     And so another week has just flown by.  This coming week is going to be a bit quieter I think and I'm just going to sit and write - ah, that does sound nice!

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  1. Writing IS indeed cool. Love the pics. So glad you had a great time and that it went so well!