Monday, 27 May 2013


Yes, sometimes life surprises you!
     I should perhaps quickly add that, unlike Burly, I've had a few nice surprises this past week but the stunned expression he's wearing is pretty familiar!
     The first nice surprise was that Emmy, a young Burly & Grum fan, sent me a copy of a picture she'd coloured in which is absolutely gorgeous (see below) - I love the colours she's used. I often give away postcards of Burly & Grum pictures and children love colouring them in. That's one of the beauties of Rob's drawings - children can go wild colouring them in and I'm always suprised at how innovative and imaginative the results are. I'm thinking of doing two things - creating a colouring-in book and also having a gallery on the website of the children's pictures. Watch this space!

     Two more nice surprises were added to the list when I was asked to visit two schools - Our Lady and St George's Catholic Primary School Walthamstowe on Monday, 10 June and St Joseph's Primary School Thame on Monday 3 July. The first school is holding an Eco week starting 10 June so it will be a great opportunity for me to talk about animals and our responsibility in looking after them and their environment (in a fun way of course!). Details have still got to be tweaked but I have to say I'm really looking forward to both visits because I love working with children, they're so enthusiastic about writing and learning!
     Another great suprise was that downloads of all books really picked up on Smashwords (a site I use to post my books). The Birthday Surprise and The Halloween Adventure are FREE to download from Smashwords and you are more than welcome to download them onto your reading device, just click on the links above - Smashwords makes it very easy. So thank you to everyone who has downloaded them and I hope you enjoy the stories :)
    This week has been fairly relaxed week so far, but then it has started off with the luxury of a Bank holiday and I'm feeling very chilled (horizontal as my son would say) but even so I'm confident I'll be able to take lots more surprises so please, bring them on!

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