Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The things we do for our kids...

I am so happy I feel like doing a few backflips - woohoo! Yes, I finally have my laptop back!!! My son asked if he could borrow it for a couple of weeks because he needed to write up his end of year university assignments and I said yes, sure son, no problem. I had no idea how difficult it would be for me - I felt like an addict, roaming around the house, waiting for him to have a coffee break so I could sneak in and have a look at  my emails. I've really missed coming home of an evening and sitting down and writing, and my Burly and Grum social networking has all but disappeared! He'd better get good grades after all the agony he's put me through (oh, and a job so he can save up for his own laptop would also be good...) 
     My social networking and writing may have disappeared over the horizon but I've been busy in other ways, I've been editing 'Unlucky Dip' (print version), talking to some lovely teachers who would like me to come along to their schools and work with their students, and I signed up to NetGalley for a month to see if I can build up some reviews for 'Beyond the Forest' - so if you want a free children's book in exchange for a review, just pop along there! 
     It's nearing the end of the day and here I am, a big smug smile on my face feeling as though I'm back on track! Thank goodness for that :)

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