Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Cause for Celebration!

    The summer sale at Smashwords was, I'm pleased to say, a great success and a cause for celebration (hence the balloons!). A huge thank you to everyone who downloaded the stories. Although I didn't make any money, many readers contacted me via the Burly & Grum website to say how much they loved the stories and Rob's drawings, which was just the response I wanted. :)
    Quite a few people have asked if I could make some Burly & Grum greetings cards and the answer is I'm definitely going to put my mind to it - a few months I bought some blank cards from a craft shop to experiment on, but to be honest I haven't go them out of the packet yet! I will, however, now be trying my best to get this sorted. I've been reading about a site called Gumroad which is an alternative way to sell goods and would enable me to sell not only my books but extras like greetings cards. There's so much I'd like to do with Rob's drawings - they're so simple but full of character and they look great printed on badges, sticker, postcards, etc so I'm definitely going to have to start getting creative and do more with them. I'll investigate a little more when I'm on leave in a couple of weeks so watch this space! 

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