Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dare to bear!

I've had a wonderful couple of weeks holiday because yes, I dared to 'go bear'! Don't worry, it's not as shocking as it sounds, I simply took a leaf from Burlington bear's book, turned off the mobile phone, stepped back from social networking and now am feeling incredibly relaxed. 

     With just one day of peace and tranquillity left I feel as if I'm slowly waking up and I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off because there's lots to do that's for sure. I've had a few offers to speak at schools and bookshops and will be writing to them soon to make arrangements. I've got a couple of ideas for Burly & Grum short stories along the line of The Halloween Adventure (which is still FREE to listen to and also read so go and download it now!) and I want to update my webpage. I've received some lovely drawings from children and will be posting them very soon - I just have to get my scanner to work... But I'll just do everything in my own time and not get stressed because I rather enjoy being relaxed!
     All in all I have lots of plans and also I hope that by the end of today I'll have something really exciting to share so watch this space!

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