Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties!

Look at me all dressed up and ready for Halloween hehehe (you have to imagine that last bit as a cackle...). I'm really looking forward to the event and Rob has done a few extra drawings especially for the occasion (thank you Rob!).  Look, we now have some trick or treaters to join Burly & Grum on their Halloween Adventure:
A vampire - 
and, of course, Halloween wouldn't be the same without some ghosts! Whahahaha!
Don't forget - if your children are bored this half term then sit them down and let them listen to The Halloween Adventure (audio version) which just happens to be FREE from Soundcloud!  They'll love it - Pat is such a talented narrator and makes the story come alive :)

I have this week off work and in between doing an awful lot of general running around I hope to help Vicci and Karina with workshops they are holding over four days in Chelmsford for Imagine In-Print, a great project for children that involves invisible ink, code breaking, messages in bottles, poetry, stories, invisible parcels and a really cranky unicorn! Writing will be published in 'The Unicorn Horn', a monthly journal for unicorns, and will also be transformed into a 3D art installation, displayed in High Chelmer Shopping Centre, Market Square and other key locations around Chelmsford.  Sounds brilliant doesn't it? And did I tell you it's FREE!!! What parent doesn't like free events? If you want to know more then go to this link.

So, it's another busy week - I'm going to need to treat myself to a large bar of chocolate to keep my energy levels up (I've just discovered Cadburys' chocolate that has daim bar chips in it - way to go Cadburys!).

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Halloween, Unicorns and a huge thank you!

     I have lots to tell you! As you may remember from a previous blog, Burly & Grum and The Secret City has been nominated for the People's Book Prize (children's section). Yay! I did a little skip of happiness when I first heard that news, but can I just say that since then I have been absolutely blown away by the support I've received from readers, friends and family. If you get a moment, look at the wonderful comments that people are leaving on 'The Secret City' page - I got quite tearful at one point whilst reading them because I couldn't quite believe that people would actually go to the time and trouble to write such lovely things about my work.
     To everyone who has voted and commented, thank you so much, it means a great deal to me that everyone - both adults and children - are reading and loving the Burly & Grum books. The more they are read and loved the more chance there will be for me to write even more!
     On a different note altogether - WHAHAHAHAHA - yes, it's almost that time of year again - HALLOWEEN!  Don't forget that Pat Scullion's audio version of The Halloween Adventure is FREE to download and hey, it's really, really good!!

    This afternoon I'll be meeting Vicci who is working with our local council to set up a creative writing and community art project Imagine In-Print. She's very kindly said that Burly & Grum can have a stall but not only that I'll be helping children with their writing projects and reading to them. I don't know a great deal more at the moment but I'll keep you posted - sounds exciting :)

     Below is a picture sent to me by Emma aged 10 who coloured it in using Paintbox. It's absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much Emma, you are incredibly talented and you must also be very patient!

     And for all those children out there who love writing, don't forget to enter the Paws n Claws competition and you could see your stories in print.
     Told you there was a lot going on - and I'm loving it! :)