Sunday, 3 November 2013

Encouraging creativity!

I've been very impressed this week by the hard work of two creative ladies, namely Vicci Button and Karina Siba who, together, have together set up the Imagine In-Print project to link into the Chelmsford Ideas Festival 2013

What they wanted to do was to tap into children's creativity, to encourage them to write stories, poems, to draw, to explore their natural talents, and I have to say they have they done a brilliant job! For four days this week Vicci and Karina have been based in Chelmsford library working with children aged between 8-14 years old. Overseeing the whole project has been 'The Poet' aka MC Unicorn who wants to publish the children's writing in 'The Unicorn Horn', a monthly journal. As you can see from the picture below, Vicci wasn't always in the library but spent a great deal of time cutting out large sheets of coloured perspex into different shapes - birds, words, umbrellas, the sun, etc. The children wrote their poems and stories onto the perspex shapes. These are being hung (as I type) as a huge 3D mobile in High Chelmer Shopping Centre.  I don't have any pictures at the moment will will let you have some as soon as possible!                                             
So, how am I involved? Well, I will be at High Chelmer Shopping Centre, Chelmsford next Sunday, 10 November at 2pm to talk about writing and to encourage people young and old to give it a go. Some children will read out their own work and there will be lots going on - it's going to be a lively event! I hope that many budding writers will be encouraged to publish their own work - even the very young ones. As and when I have more information about the event I will let you know!

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