Sunday, 18 May 2014

And yes, we're back!

Yay - Burly & Grum are back!
     It seems strange to start blogging again after what has been quite a long break. Selling my home and trying to buy new one has proved incredibly time consuming and, believe it or not, I still haven't moved - I'm all ready, bags packed and raring to go but the legal side of everything is just moving so slowly. I'd love to live somewhere like Scotland where, I believe, you can buy a house and move in 24 hours later - that seems like a fairy tale to those of us South of the border!

     But that's enough of me, more than enough - on with Burly & Grum news!  The final leg of The People's Book prize is now under way. You may remember that back in November that 'The Secret City' was one of the finalists in the Children's Section.  It's been a long wait to get to the final point where the winners are finally revealed because the voting is seasonal.  Now, however, all of the 36 finalists (12 from the three sections - fiction/non-fiction/children) can have their books voted on again by members of the public between 21-28 May. On 28 May there will be a grand award ceremony in London with Frederick Forsyth CBE giving out the awards to the final three winners. Keep everything crossed because I would just burst with pride if I won!  And if you'd like to vote between 21-28 May that would be brilliant; I know that all of us here at Burly & Grum would be forever thankful!
   What else is going on?  Well, I want to improve the Burly & Grum website, so that it's more interactive and I also want to start work on a book app for The Halloween Adventure in time for - yes, you guessed it - Halloween. There's a lot to do and I'm looking forward to getting going again - I've really missed Burly and Grum.

     And because you've all been so patient while I've been sorting out my house move I thought you'd like to know that The Birthday Surprise is FREE to download! It's probably my favourite story of all with Burly trying to have a peaceful birthday on a desert completely unaware there's a bank robber nearby! There are lots of new characters - Detective Finn and his daughter Tara, King the crab, Gruel the bank robber and his gang the Toolkits - go on, download it, you'll love it!

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