Saturday, 31 May 2014

Celebrating Burly & Grum style (and that includes some free downloads!)

     Yes, we know how to celebrate here at Burly & Grum - ice-cream, cake and good friends, what more could anyone want?  'The Secret City' may not have won The People's Book Prize but we're partying anyway because we got into the finals - yay!  We'd like to thank everyone who not only took the time to vote but also left a comment about the book - it was wonderful of you, thank you so much. And if you have the time, please read some of the comments and you'll understand when I say I'll always treasure them and that they've given me the confidence to continue writing.

     This is me saying thank you to everyone (I'm the short one on the right, the other one is my son who I nabbed as he strayed into shot).

     Now, I've also been wondering what on earth has been happening with my blog. All of a sudden it seems to have gone crazy - one post has had over 16,000 hits and the last one 'Vote Now' over 9,000 hits. Why? What am I linked into I wonder? To anyone who is reading this and who has no idea what Burly & Grum is about then you can find out by going to the following 2 links where you can find out for FREE! Yup, we're very generous us Essex girls!  
     Anyway, the first link is for the audio book (about 15 mins long) The Halloween Adventure.  It's really funny and Pat Scullion, the narrator, brings the characters to life. This particular short story is the one I'm working to link with Audible and put up on Amazon.
     The second link is for 'The Birthday Surprise', the third Burly & Grum book which is free to download from the Smashwords site. 
     To all of those thousands of people who are now reading/glancing at my very small and insignificant blog - I hope you enjoy the downloads as much as Burly & Grum enjoy the conga.  Now, I'm sorry but you'll excuse me because I have a party to go to.  Er, where's the cake?

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