Wednesday, 21 May 2014


If you have a couple of spare minutes then it would be absolutely wonderful (Burly and Grum would love you and give you bear hugs forever!) if you could vote for them.  'The Secret City', the second book in the Burly & Grum series, is a finalist for The People’s Book Prize (children's section).  This is a competition where members of the public vote for the book they love best, and the final leg of the voting process starts today and ends on 28 May.

And this is how you vote!
1.    Go to this link.
2.   Look down the page for 'Burly & Grum and The Secret City' and check the box.
3.   Go to the top of the page for the verification section 'our choices, selected from the finalists below...' and check that your vote has been selected.
4.   Enter your email address: Email Address (enter the same email address that you used when you registered).
5.    Repeat your email address.
6.    Enter the password you have been given.
7.    Solve the simple maths problem.
8.    Click 'Submit'.  You should receive a message saying that you have been successful.

Thank you so much and just one last thing, keep your fingers crossed!

Burlington Bear and Grum the Groblin have come a long way since they first met and wondered what was 'Beyond the Forest'.

They've had lots of adventures:
Taken part in the Olympics:
Made lots of friends:
And are generally are pretty cool dudes who would like to thank you for your support!

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